Saturday, September 18, 2004

Dan Rather: Primetime Goon

And he gets away with it.

What really raises my ire is that Rather and CBS aren't taking any flak for what they did, which was a blatant use of Rather's own political opinions to sway the general public. I don't believe for a second that he simply "missed" the fact that they were so obviously forged. He's a journalist with way too many years of experience to "overlook" something that blatant. My belief is that he purposely reported them as fact, knowing they were at the very least questionable, thinking he wouldn't get caught. And it's aggravating as all get out that he STILL won't take responsibility for his actions. I watched the report on it (on CBS), and it was all a huge cover-up. All they did was show sound bytes from people claiming that regardless of the documents' validity, the things in them are still true! I'd call that blatant and really unscrupulous bias against the President. Rather should be fired, or at least resign/retire (which he should have done LONG ago to spare us this stupidity). And CBS should issue a formal apology to the President. I am sick of the propaganda machine these network news stations have become for the liberal agenda. If it wasn't obvious before whose pocket they were in, it is now! Stop trying to cover it up and just admit it! And stop ruining people's lives with false reporting that you won't even apologize for or admit was wrong.

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