Friday, September 24, 2004

Peace Train Wreck (Holy Roller!)

Stephen Schwartz, who frequently writes on the topic of Islamic Wahhabism for The Weekly Standard, has written a piece on why the closer you look, the more right it was for the United States to refuse entry to Yusuf Islam (formerly known as the 1970's folk/pop singer Cat Stevens).

He writes: "EARLIER THIS WEEK, I commented that, as Yusuf Islam, the singer Cat Stevens, has held to an extreme Islamic fundamentalist position regarding music. I wrote, 'Wahhabism, the state religion in Saudi Arabia, and the inspirer of al Qaeda, is especially known for its hatred of music. In Wahhabi theology, all music except for drum accompaniment to religious chanting is haram, or forbidden. . . . Yusuf Islam has demonstrated his sympathy for this posture on several occasions. . . '. "

You can follow the thread here.

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