Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Rather Be Retiring

Do you think it's time for Dan Rather to retire? Well you are not alone. In fact, you may be able to help make it happen with the help of like minded folk. Conservative businessman Dan Forrester has established a web site to raise funds for the cause, and to provide an opportunity for people to sign a petition to present to CBS.

But not so fast, Nancy Franklin, in the New Yorker says that Rather may have jumped the gun less due to his biases and more so due to his zeal to beat CNN, Fox News, ABC and NBC: "Rather’s mistake probably had more to do with competitiveness and scoopaholism than with any political bias. That’s the way people in the news business are made." Ah, yes, we know that's why he did it. His competitive spirit. Indeed. I say give the old geezer a gold watch and send him on his way.

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