Monday, October 11, 2004

Charles Krauthammer: Terrorists Cast Bullets Against Bush

Charles Krauthammer from last Sunday's Dallas Morning News:

"Do the bad guys – the terrorists in their Afghan caves and Iraqi redoubts – want George Bush defeated in this election? Bush critics, among them the editors of The New York Times, have worked themselves into a lather over the suggestion that this might be so.

"A front-page 'analysis' in The Washington Post quoted several Republican variations of this theme – such as Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage saying that the terrorists in Iraq 'are trying to influence the election against President Bush' – then noted that 'such accusations ... surfaced in the modern era during the McCarthy Communist hunts.'

"Intimations of McCarthyism constitute a serious charge. But the charge is not remotely serious. Of course the terrorists want Mr. Bush defeated. How can anyone pretend otherwise?"

Read the rest here.

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