Monday, October 25, 2004

Get ready for the lawyers

Well, the democratic strategists are better prepared this time. Although 2000 caught them off guard, they were still successfull in making a mockery of the election process, and with the backing of the mainstream media, they were completely successfull in raising doubts about the results throughout the world (never mind that all major media organizations completed their own "recounts" 6 months later and found that the November results were correct after all, no matter which method you select, or which set of rules you decide to follow).

Terry McAuliffe and his team are proud to tell Americans that they have 10,000 lawyers waiting to disrupt the process again, and they are much better prepared this time. They are convinced that the only way the results of this election can be believed are if John Kerry wins.

The democrats are still resorting to tactics that are questionable to any reasonable person - fear mongering among inner city and minority voters, protests against any types of checks and balances regarding voter identification, and allegations of influencing voting officials.

Have we seen the last of the days when you could vote and feel proud to be part of the system, or are we destined to feel that election day is just the start of a legal feeding frenzy?

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