Saturday, October 23, 2004

Getting Tired of the Mainstream Media? You're Not Alone

Diana West, writing for the Washington Times, has said what I've been thinking for some time about the mainstream media outlets:

"Are you incensed over Dan Rather's crude attempt to influence the presidential election with a sheaf of pathetic forgeries? Appalled by 'Nightline's' Ted Koppel for using dictatorship-vetted sources in communist Vietnam to contradict the testimonies of decorated American veterans? Outraged by ABC's head-office directive to its reporters to go easier on John Kerry than George W. Bush, and not 'reflexively and artificially hold both sides "equally" accountable'? Don't get mad, vote Republican.

"The fact is, never before have mainstream media (MSM) organizations, and I mean the hunters and gatherers of news, not its cooks and consumers, sunk so deep in the tank for a Democratic ticket. The election is days away, but vital questions about Mr. Kerry remain not just unanswered in MSM outlets, but unasked. This is evidence of the efficiency with which the only-selectively adversarial media have embraced the role of Democratic star-maker, not newsmaker. "

Read her entire piece here.

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