Thursday, October 21, 2004

How 'Bout Those Red Sox!?!

These words from express my thoughts:

"I'm sure most of you out there in Red Sox Nation were overcome with glee and jumping up and down and pouring drinks on heads, but I was just ... happy. And relieved. I hate the concept of the Yankees, but I can't hate this team because of the people they have. And to beat such a great team, such a class team, with such a class manager and class shortstop and clutch lineup, on the hallowed ground, hitting four homers into the same stands Babe Ruth hit so many ... happy. That's what I was."

And for those who make analogies to John Kerry's campaign because he's from Massachusetts and roots for the Sox, even though he screws up the names of the key players, I say, no chance. The dramatic and historic come-from-behind-like-no-one-has-ever-done victory in the ALCS has absolutely NADA to do with Kerry. It's a victory for the common man, the man who believes in miracles, who remains eternally hopeful, and who is a believer in freedom, truth and the American way; in other words, a conservative, maybe even one who supports Bush for President, like me.

And now I will bask in my happiness.

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