Saturday, October 23, 2004

How "True" a Sox Fan is Kerry?

Did John Kerry attend Game Six of the 1986 World Series, as he claims?

Michael Goldfarb of the Weekly Standard says there is evidence that Kerry's told another fib.

"On October 25, 1986, the Boston Red Sox were facing off against the New York Mets in the sixth game of the World Series. With a three games to two lead over the Mets, the Sox had an opportunity, at long last, to bring a championship to a city which hadn't known victory since 1918. After blowing a two-run lead in the bottom of the 10th inning, first-baseman Bill Buckner let a ground-ball skip through his legs, and thus allowed the Mets Ray Knight to score the game's winning run. This infamous error was witnessed by none other than John Kerry, who on numerous occasions has claimed to have been seated at Shea Stadium that night, at a distance of no more than 30 yards from Buckner."

But, Football Fans For Truth have uncovered a conflict,...

"N.M. GOVERNOR DETAILS HIS STATE'S SUCCESS STORY Published on October 26, 1986 Author(s): Peter J. Howe, Globe Staff

"New Mexico's governor, who holds the highest elected post of any Hispanic nationwide, and the head of the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination were given awards for political excellence last night by the Massachusetts Latino Democratic Committee.

"More than 250 people--including Gov. Dukakis, US Sen. John Kerry and an array of state Cabinet members--attended the banquet at the World Trade Center in South Boston honoring Gov. Toney Anaya and Alex Rodriguez."

Another Kerry exageration?

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