Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Is Osama Bin Laden dead?

When is the last time you saw a video or heard an audio clip of OBL? Why would he pass up all of these chances to inspire his followers, including Al Zarqawi and his terrorists? Could a man with this ego pass up events like Madrid, Breslan, the occupation of an islamic state by the US, and the multiple attacks on US and coalition troops without saying a word? Why has the world not seen a video since before Tora Bora? Al Jazeera stands ready to broadcast any snippet of information at a moments notice.
Could the reason be because he was killed in Tora Bora? DOD Officials and high ranking officers certainly would have intelligence to this effect, but they would keep that knowledge classified. If George Bush were to allow this information to be released along with proof, he could win the election going away. But George Bush knows that making OBL a martyr would just inspire his followers, resulting in more terror acts across the world, and preventing that is more important than his re-election.
This kind of integrity stands in contrast to his opponent. Kerry attacks the president on Tora Bora, and on every other issue, regardless of whether his attacks will inspire our enemies. Kerry's attacks have resulted in more American and coalition deaths because our enemies are inspired by this discourse. It only confirms their own beliefs that their cause is just.
I for one hope that the president gets the opportunity to finish the job - we'll know next week.

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