Thursday, October 28, 2004

Is the Story on the Missing Weapons the NYT's October Surprise?

Roger L. Simon reports:

"...Bill Gertz of the Wash Times has a bombshell tonight, although I can't say it truly shocks me. Jayson Blair did me a favor. I don't trust the NYT anymore the way I did for fifty-some years of my life. Anyway, Gertz corroborates what we all know - the Times story of missing explosives was jerry-rigged propaganda concocted to make the president look bad and get Kerry elected. How could it have been otherwise? Obviously, the Times didn't do the slightest bit of research on the matter. They just rushed the story out. Otherwise they might have found out what Gertz did - that the explosives were "almost certainly" moved before the war (logical, isn't it?) and that Russian intelligence helped Saddam do it. This too is no surprise because anyone following the Iraq War story reasonably closely knows that the Russians were deeply enmeshed with the Iraqi mukhabarat at that time.

"What's even more embarrassing is that Times' story is further discredited by that other organ of the "extreme right" ABC News."

Read the rest here.

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