Friday, October 01, 2004

Post Debate Observations - Part II

This may not mean the blog that it's written in, but immediately after last night's debate, all the networks took polls. Like all the other networks, ABC's poll had Kerry as the clear victor in the debate. Many, even in the conservative media (for example, Jay Nordlinger in NRO), came away feeling that Bush's performance last night was below par. But, interestingly, when the follow up question was asked in the ABC poll, who will you now vote for, the results were:

Bush 51%

Kerry 47%

Prior to the debate, the same audience polled:

Bush: 50%

Kerry 46%

My opinion is that we need to go through a little gestation period after this debate and not be so analytical about the details. But remember the first debate Bush had with Al Gore? Gore was quickly declared the victor by the media. A few days later, Bush started going up in the polls. The victor of the technical side of the debate ended up being the loser on the vote getting side of the debate.

My contention is that Bush has settled in the minds of most Americans that, despite his clumsiness:"

(a) He is a sincere man

(b) He is by no means polished

(c) He means well for America as it pertains to the war on Terror

(d) He is a gracious man, but impatient with Kerry's positions

(e) He is a decisive leader who is determined to win the war against the Terrorists

(f) He is a post September 11 person while his opponent is still living in the pre 9-11 world.

To underscore my point, I refer you to Fred Barnes' article in today's Standard, entitled "Not Enough." After which I say, 'nough said.

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