Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The View from Here - III

BATAM, INDONESIA - "'You cannot use tough talk during the course of a 90-minute debate in a presidential campaign to obscure a 30-year record in the United States Senate,' Cheney said [in his debate with John Edwards on Tuesday]. 'I'm saying specifically that I don't believe [Kerry] has the qualities we need in a commander in chief because I don't think, based on his record, that he would pursue the kind of aggressive policies that need to be pursued if we're going to defeat these terrorists.'." Read the rest of "Help Is On the Way" to get Freddie Barnes' full observations on how Cheney helped his ticket this week. And in the mean time, the United States Senate and the media drone on in reminding us that our estimation that Saddam had WMDs was incorrect. Now that's news! But David McGivergan reminds us, also, that Iraq was "Not a Diversion" either.

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