Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The View from Here - Part 2

SINGAPORE - CNN is going absolutely bonkers hyping the up coming VP debate later today. But what was most revealing to me today was a comment from a Singaporan engineer who innocently asked me what I thought of the coming US election. Considering my own overt biases I was reluctant to say. But he volunteered that the election was a concern to him, and that change in America meant change to his country and to him, yet he could do nothing about it.

He said that he was concerned about terrorism, and, to my surprise, that a change in administration would mean a change in the way the war on terrorism will be fought. He was, of course, correct, and I was impressed. What do you know, a Bush supporter on the other side of the world. And I thought only Kerry supporters were on the other side of the world -- or should I say "out of this world."

In today's WSJ, Brendan Miniter discusses the meaning of the first debate and what the Kerry folks must be thinking now. "Last week John Kerry earned himself a nice little bounce and tightened the polls, partly by brilliantly playing the expectations game. Despite a 30-plus year reputation as a skilled debater, the hype surrounding Mr. Kerry was that he would be lucky not to be crushed in the first debate," he said.

In the mean time, CNN's TV news here is ripping Bush for not listening to Bremmer's cryptic comments on troup strength in Iraq during earlier periods in the war as the insurgency developed. I respect Bremmer, but it wasn't long ago that the liberal media was considerably critical of him. Now that they can parallel his remarks to Kerry's criticisms of Bush, wow, now the guy is a sage.

CNN, please, give it up. The tragedy is that after Bush wins in November, CNN will go on. I think there ought to be a price to pay. Something has got to be done about the image they portray of America in places like these.

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