Monday, October 11, 2004

The View from Here - Part 6

HONG KONG - We're about to hop on a plane to Shanghai, the last city in this Asia trip. We're discovering that the only news we can get is from CNN, the BBC or Bloomberg. CNN has an unending flow of news favorable to Senator John Kerry, and unfavorable towards President Bush. More so with the BBC. It's unnerving.

Today there is a report in French, following the campaign of John Kerry. No equal time for Bush. Kerry is talked about in hushed and glowing terms. He's up early in the morning, 6 AM, while the French reporters, shown strewn all over the campaign bus half asleep, have difficulty keeping up with this dynamo. He rides to Cleveland. Makes a speech "in this town hit hard by the economy." He flies to Florida. Shakes hands. The French reporters interview a Kerry campaign worker. It's all very positive and hopeful -- for Kerry.

The report makes mention of today's Reuters/Zogby poll which has Kerry up by 3%. No mention of today's ABC/Washington Post Poll which has the President ahead of Kerry 51% to 45%.

They end the piece with a comment. "Oh, and [by the way,] John Kerry speaks French."

That's just what America needs right now. A President who is adored by our greatest ally in against terrorism -- France.

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