Monday, October 18, 2004

Zogby Watch Continued

The latest Reuters/Zogby poll has Bush and Kerry in a 45% to 45% dead heat. Less than a week ago, Zogby had Bush ahead by 3%, within the margin of error, but at a more comfortable distance than 0%.

This dead heat report from Zogby occurs while others have polled Bush as high as 8% ahead of Kerry as recently as yesterday's CNN/USA Today poll. Zogby publishes Bush's more favorable numbers, when they occur, amidst a plethora of rationalizations. Therefore one discovers that one must hold one's nose when reading Zogby's analyses (he is unabashedly pro-Kerry). Nonetheless, Bush supporters need to continue to keep a close watch on Zogby's daily tracking numbers, as his accuracy is deadly and uncontested by his peers.

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