Saturday, November 20, 2004

For Those Packing Up and Moving to Canada, Can You Say Cheesesteak Avec Poutine?

The day after the election, Philadelphia Daily News columnist Jill Porter wrote a clever piece about what to do if you are among all those folks who said they were moving to Canada if Bush was re-elected.

We picked it up on the Op-Ed page of the
Providence Journal on Friday, November 19th.

Here is an excerpt, but you can read the whole thing

...brace yourselves for some other cultural adjustments.

1. The second language in Canada is French. Can you say cheesesteak avec?

2. Not that they have Cheez Whiz. In fact, their favorite fast food - called poutine - is French fries covered with hard cheese and meat gravy. Bleagh.

3. And forget Krispy Kreme. You'll have to settle for a donut from Tim Horton's, a chain named for a deceased hockey player.

4. Yes, hockey is the national pastime. So say goodbye to baseball, which, for a Philadelphian, might just be a blessing.

5. Finally, some trivia: they have a one-dollar coin they call a "loonie" and a two-dollar coin they call a "toonie." Which presumably means they have a sense of humor. Though not a good one.

These are small sacrifices - except for the Cheez Whiz - to make for sanity. There's no death penalty, real gun control and legal gay marriage.
To which we would add: Allez! Allez! And be mindful of the door as it attempts to collide with your backside on your way out of the country.

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