Saturday, November 13, 2004

From the Milwaukee Police Files

And from The Weekly Standard Scrapbook (subscription required) we get the following update on those slashed tires in Milwaukee on Election Day:

Remember, back on Election Day, how somebody slashed the tires on 20 vans and cars rented by Republicans to get out the vote in Milwaukee? The story was all over the national news--for about 12 hours. And then it pretty much disappeared. Outside of Wisconsin itself, no major daily has since published a single word's worth of update on the resulting police investigation. This, even though--we'll call it a SCRAPBOOK exclusive, with apologies and thanks to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel--at least three arrests have now been made in the case. And two of the arrestees have been publicly identified.

On Nov. 5, accompanied by his attorney, 25-year-old Sowande Ajumoke Omokunde was booked at Milwaukee police headquarters. Omokunde--who apparently prefers to be called "Supreme Solar Allah"--lives with his mother, Gwen Moore, who's just been elected to Congress as a Democrat.

Also arrested: 33-year-old Opel E. Simmons, an official in the Virginia state Democratic party who'd been dispatched to Milwaukee to oversee Election Day canvassing on the city's north side. Police tell local reporters that a Kerry campaign automobile assigned to Simmons is "linked to the incident."

Still wanted for questioning: Michael Pratt, son of former acting Milwaukee mayor Marvin Pratt, Kerry's campaign chairman in the city.

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