Friday, November 12, 2004

It's the Ideology stupid!

The big gatekeepers for the liberal elite are working desperately to blame their losses on the religious right, instead of wondering whether they might be totally out of step with the majority of Americans. Charles Krauthammer writes about the myth of Moral Values and how they influenced this election - great article. Never mind that the democrats selected the most extreme candidate they could find, and drove away many of the moderate democratic votes they needed to win. Never mind that the Democratic Party continues to drift towards the extreme left, embodying principles and values that were formed by the social attitudes and hippies of the 60's. These days, no democratic candidate has a chance of achieving the nomination of their party unless they adhere to the basic tenets of the extreme controls on abortions, including PBA, constant support for unions at any expense, increased spending on social programs at the expense of economic support for small businesses and investment in the growth of business, reductions in defense spending, extreme environmental policies....the list goes on. These principles ensure that they will continue to advance candidates that are too far to the left for mainstream America.
Until the leaders of the Democratic Party start looking inward, instead of complaining about who showed up at the polls and who didn't, there will be no change in strategy, and this country will continue to become more and more conservative.

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