Wednesday, November 03, 2004

MSM (and Kerry) Loses - Blogosphere (and Bush) Wins

A quick post to announce Bush the victor.

The Senescent Man Blog got it right on Ohio being the pivotal state (see Ohio - Ohio - Ohio) and we also called that state narrowly for Bush with help from the Blogosphere, particularly The Horserace Blog which was right on the money regarding Florida, Ohio and most of the other close states.

The BIG loser besides Kerry-Edwards? The mainstream media. What shameful and overt bias to hold off declaring Bush the winner (two giving OH to Bush but not NV and NM, and two doing the converse). FOR SHAME!

This morning Tom Brokaw complained about the diversity of laws in the states making the process "messy" in times like these. Our reaction: This is pure democracy - uniformity and conformity means less freedom and more dictatorship.

Last point - 120 M voters was supposed to mean absolute victory for Kerry in the popular vote. Well, well, well. It didn't. The reason, the MSM claims, all those evangelical Christians. My goodness.

If I could fire the MSM for poor performance I would.

Winner: Bush-Cheney and the Blogosphere.

More later. Have a good morning.

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