Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Rossi Rising

We must say, the gubernatorial race in Washington state remains facinating. The official vote count left Dino Rossi (R) with a mere 261 votes ahead of his Democrat opponent, Christine Gregoire. The recount has begun, and as of the end of the day today, Rossi is ahead, but we've a ways to go. As our readers are sick of hearing by now, we've been predicting a Rossi victory.

Why should a New Englander care? We are enamored of Democratic states moving, every so gradually, to the Republican column. The tradition in Washington state has been election and re-election of Democratic governors, but Washington is also known for its pleasantly surprising razor thin victories for fresh, Republican newcomers like Congressman George Nethercutt, Jr., who came to the US House in 1994, beating Speaker of the House, Tom Foley. It's been ten years, and Nethercutt is still on the cutting edge (so to speak).

So it's root root root for the away team! And maybe someday it will come home. Go Dino!

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