Wednesday, November 10, 2004

TNR Votes NO on Kerry as Lead Dem

The Boston Globe and the Washington Post have reported that John Kerry wants to have a prominent role in the Democratic Party.

The Reaction of the liberal New Republic Magazine On-line:

"Our reaction to this is ... how to put it? Well, here goes: No. Please. Stop.

"If the election results somehow failed to make this clear, we'd like to remind Senator Kerry that he is not an effective communicator. He tends to blather on, circling round and round his point without coming close to it. He regularly utters phrases --"global test," "I actually voted for the $87 billion before I voted against it"--that play directly into his opponents' hands. And he projects the image of an out-of-touch patrician that is precisely the opposite of what the Democratic Party needs.

"Kerry's inner circle has come away from the election apparently convinced that he represents the aspirations of nearly half the country. Kerry, his brother told the Globe, will "be a voice for the 55 million people who voted for him." David Wade, Kerry's communications director, chimed in, "There are millions upon millions of Americans who want the same change for our country that he fought for."

"It is certainly true that the election saw an enormous outpouring of activism on Kerry's behalf. That activism, though, was motivated by opposition to Bush rather than by support for Kerry.

So now we know how his base REALLY felt about him.

Guess those Dems will have to find some one else to lead the charge. Hillary? Bill?

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