Monday, November 29, 2004

Washington and Ohio

It's time for a little juxtaposition. Here is an op-ed piece in today's Providence Journal, written by Green party presidential candidate David Cobb. And here is a piece by John Fund on the Washington state governor's race which we've been covering.

Note that there is a recorded differential of 136,000 votes between Bush and Kerry in Ohio, and for some reason the Green Party candidate and purportedly the Libertarian party candidate want to see a Florida type hold-your-horses recount there. Thank God no one listened to these oafs. Who would have wanted an unnecessary replay of Florida in Ohio?

But Fund's column goes a step deeper. The race, won twice (in the election count and the recount) by Dino Rossi in Ohio, is in jeopardy. The Dems want to do another "selective" recount. In the last recount they "found" votes in a district heavily leaning toward Democrat Christine Gregoire. Who knows what else they may "find" in these "selected" counties.

Spare us.

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