Wednesday, November 03, 2004

What an embarrassment!

How much longer will Linc (the Dink) Chafee embarrass himself and the State of Rhode Island?

This is what today's Providence Journal reports: "Sen. Lincoln Chafee made good on his pledge yesterday: As a form of 'symbolic protest,' he cast a write-in ballot for former President George H.W. Bush instead of voting for his son, President George W. Bush. He also did not rule out the prospect of changing parties if the incumbent president is reelected." Read more....

While I sympathize with writing in a better candidate than GWB, c'mon Linc, stop being such a doofus. Go join the minority (and fading) party. Marginalize RI even more. You don't give evidence of being smart enough to realize you actually might have some (albeit declining) leverage nationally if you stayed and stopped saying dumb things. Rhode Islanders may like you and your quaint maverick positions, but boy are you ever painting a target on your back for a primary challenge and/or eventual defeat by a Democrat in a couple of years. After this kind of treatment do your really think you are going to get any RNC help against challengers?

Or is it you just don't like the job and want to go back to the farm?

And is this a misquote where you say you favored the elder Bush for several reasons, because he was a president "who did the right thing by invading Kuwait and starting the Gulf War. I don't think he would have gone into Baghdad." Whew, where to start? 1. GHWB did not invade Kuwait, he LIBERATED it from an invader. 2. The Gulf War STARTED with the Iraqi invasion. 3. GHWB deliberately decided NOT to press on to Baghdad (why is there any supposition that he might have when its 13-year-old history he didn't?).

What an embarrassment.

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