Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Who Is Going To Win?

The following is The Horserace Blog's prediction which I share:

Well I have thought long and hard about this and have moved back and forth over the past few days. I must say I thought I was going to have to predict something I thought I would never have had to say. But the events of the past two days have led me to my final prediction. In the Presidential Election, President George W Bush will win both the Electoral Vote and Popular Vote, thereby remaining president for another four years. The final tally will be as follows:


Bush 50.0%
Kerry 48.9%
Nader 0.7%
Badnarik 0.4%


Bush 294
Kerry 244

President Bush will carry all 2000 states except for New Hampshire. President Bush will also win Minnesota and Wisconsin which gives him a net 16 EV gain from 2000.

In the race for the Senate, every open seat except OK will switch parties and John Thune will defeat Daschle, thereby giving the Republicans a net gain of 3 seats and a 54-45-1 Senate makeup.

AK - Knowles will beat Murkowski (Dem PU)
CO - Salazar will beat Beer Man (Dem PU)
FL - Martinez will beat Castor (GOP PU)
GA - Isakson will beat Majette (GOP PU)
IL - Obama will beat Keyes (Dem PU)
LA - Votter will win Runoff Election (GOP PU)
NC - Burr will beat Bowles (GOP PU)
OK - Coburn will beat Carson (Stays GOP)
SC - DeMint will beat Tennenbaum (GOP PU)
SD - Thune will beat Daschle (GOP PU)

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