Thursday, November 18, 2004

Why We Favor Joseph Lieberman for the Bush Cabinet

Rumors abound that Senator Joseph Lieberman (D- CT) is being considered for a post in the Bush Cabinet. There are a lot of good reasons for Bush to appoint Lieberman to a Cabinet position.

(1) Lieberman has been a staunch supporter of the war against terrorism, including the war in Iraq for which is fellow Democrats consider him anathema. He continues to support the war today, and if you visit his web site, he explains why he was right to support the president. He believes in President Bush’s policy on preemption, and while he was running for president in the Democratic primary, he stuck with that tough position to the ridicule of his opponents and colleagues.

(2) Lieberman is a man of faith. He believes it is not nutty to allow religious institutions into the public square.

(3) He was never a fan of the rabid Dr. Howard Dean, but rather a moderate Democrat, one of a dying breed, and the kind of Democrat the Democrats need but continue to scourge. His fellow Democrats continue to ridicule him today, calling him a cryptic Republican which can be better seen in web sites like this one.

(4) He’s from New England, and New Englanders can use another seat at the table beyond Andrew Card's.

(5) And, hopefully, appointing a Democrat to the Bush Cabinet would bolster support from the many ignored, more moderate Democrats, who might support and accept Bush's policies.

(6) Last, but not least, were he to leave his Senate seat, the Republican governor would appoint his replacement, bringing the Senate to a 56 - 43 - 1 ratio for Republicans - Democrats - Independents, which is even better for Bush's potential judicial appointments.

Here is the beginnings of how the Hartford Courant [online registration required] is covering this unfolding story,...

WASHINGTON -- Joe Lieberman respects the presidency and likes being wooed. And so, he said Tuesday, he's not ruling out a Bush Cabinet appointment.

"I am a traditionalist," the Connecticut Democratic senator said. "If the president ever calls, you'd have to consider it. But I am very happy to be in the Senate."

At the same time, said Lieberman, "I don't expect an offer, and I have no indications that it will happen."
Well see.

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