Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Battle Lines are Drawn

There is an all out war going on between the blogosphere and the main stream media (MSM). Witness this attack on the Time Magazine "Blog of the Year" Power Line by Minneapolis Star Tribune columnist Nick Coleman.

The blogs, likewise, have been on full frontal attack as well, witness Hugh Hewitt's latest column in the Weekly Standard documenting Power Line's John Hinderaker's blast at New York Times columnist Tom Friedman, or the Belmont Club's reporting on the questionable behavior of AP photographers in Iraq as documented here, and the many other battles going on.

Why is this happening? The ubiquity and free market environment of the blogs is eclipsing the MSM controlled editorial economy. And just like the eventual collapse of communism, the Berlin Wall of the MSM is beginning to crack. In 2005, I predict a major change in the way the MSM conducts itself. It will be having to fight harder to win out over the speed and cleansing power of the free market of ideas welling up around them.

UPDATE: Power Line's counter to the Star Tribune attack is here.

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