Friday, December 17, 2004

Bring back Christmas

Charles Krauthammer (who is Jewish), today talks about the loss of Christmas and the extremism surrounding the practice of Christmas parties, decorations, caroling, etc. From his article:
The attempts to de-Christianize Christmas are as absurd as they are relentless. The United States today is the most tolerant and diverse society in history. It celebrates all faiths with an open heart and open-mindedness that, compared to even the most advanced countries in Europe, are unique.

Yet more than 80 percent of Americans are Christian, and probably 95 percent of Americans celebrate Christmas. Christmas Day is an official federal holiday, the only day of the entire year when, for example, the Smithsonian museums are closed. Are we to pretend that Christmas is nothing but an orgy of commerce in celebration of . . . what? The winter solstice?
I may agree that the US is the most tolerant society in history - except when it comes to christain religous expression at Christmas time. Read the whole story here.

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