Thursday, December 02, 2004

Dems Do Dino

The stealing of the governor seat in Washington state continues, only now, with help from Sen. John Kerry. The following is from Sound Politics:

Even though John Kerry didn't have the chance to recount and litigate his way into the White House, he's doing his bit to help try to steal the election for Christine Gregoire:

Former presidential candidate John Kerry contributed at least $200,000 of unused campaign contributions yesterday to help fellow Democrat Christine Gregoire keep the governor's race alive and pay for a statewide hand recount.

The P-I article propagates the Democrats' bogus arguments:

As justification for recount, Gregoire and the Democrats have cited voting "irregularities" in several counties and the fact that Rossi's margin of victory is well within the margin of error for mechanical counters.
Dino Rossi (R) won the election and then won the recount, and now he has to contend with the usual jive from the Dems. Been there. Done that. Stay tuned.

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