Thursday, December 23, 2004

Moon Over Seattle

The Republicans in Washington state purportedly have a plan to solicit support from voters who claim they voted for Dino Rossi but believe their ballots were erroneously rejected. So far, 91 of such voters from Washington have come forward. The bureaucrats are giving them a hassle.

But, more importantly, Republicans in Washington should now pursue the counting of votes from GI's overseas who's absentee ballots were sent too late for their votes to be considered. An absolute travesty.

But since the election has not been certified yet, the law allows them to be included, thanks, in part, to this long delay to certify due to the historic closeness of this gubernatorial race.

Go for it guys. Let's get Rossi in certified as governor. After hearing that Gregoire urged Rossi to "abide by the results of the recount" after her NOT abiding by the previous three recounts, I can see the best thing that could happen in Washington state is for the Republicans to keep the pressure on.

Hat tip to The Corner and Stranded on Blue Islands whom we just added to our Blogroll.

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