Thursday, December 30, 2004

Newsweek Puts on a Tutu

Another ghastly (this time anti-Bush) interview in (Recalcitrant Old Media) Newsweek. This time with Anglican Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa. Here are some examples of the ridiculous questions asked by Arlene Getz of Newsweek (and some of Tutu's unfortunate responses):
Newsweek: The United Nations relief coordinator has accused wealthy Western nations of being “stingy” in their aid to the affected nations. What type of aid would you like to see?

One just hopes that the world will continue to respond with what is usually remarkable generosity and compassion. Obviously, the more prosperous you are, the more one would hope you would be able to do that.

Newsweek: You said George Bush should admit that he made a mistake. Were you surprised at his re-election?

[Laughs] I still can't believe that it really could have happened. Just look at the facts on the table: He’d gone into a war having misled people—whether deliberately or not—about why he went to war. You would think that would have knocked him out [of the race.] It didn’t. Look at the number of American soldiers who have died since he claimed that the war had ended. And yet it seems this doesn't make most Americans worry too much.
One hopes that Newsweek would get a life, too. You can get the rest of this tripe here.

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