Tuesday, December 07, 2004

One State - Two State - Red State - Blue State

Is it possible that the nation is moving more and more to the right simply by sheer numbers? Those reading Dr. Zeuss to their kids, and families with triplets, take note...

From today's (Tuesday's) NY Times, David Brooks writes:

There is a little-known movement sweeping across the United States. The movement is "natalism."

All across the industrialized world, birthrates are falling - in Western Europe, in Canada and in many regions of the United States. People are marrying later and having fewer kids. But spread around this country, and concentrated in certain areas, the natalists defy these trends.

They are having three, four or more kids. Their personal identity is defined by parenthood. They are more spiritually, emotionally and physically invested in their homes than in any other sphere of life, having concluded that parenthood is the most enriching and elevating thing they can do. Very often they have sacrificed pleasures like sophisticated movies, restaurant dining and foreign travel, let alone competitive careers and disposable income, for the sake of their parental calling.

In a world that often makes it hard to raise large families, many are willing to move to find places that are congenial to natalist values. The fastest-growing regions of the country tend to have the highest concentrations of children.
Who knows? Red state parents with large progeny may win the day in the long run. The Senescent Man has two teenagers and a 20 year old (it is the main reason he is crotchety, conservative and, in a word, senescent); the two Senescent daughters were eligible to vote on November 2nd. To The Senescent Man's delight, they both supported George W. Even through we reside in a Blue State.

Read the whole thing here (free online subscription required).

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