Thursday, December 30, 2004

Projo to the ACLU and City of Providence Officials: "Get a Life"

The Projo posted a valuable editorial on the subject of the mention of God in the public square. Unusual, in my view, for the Providence Journal to take such a position, but kudos to whoever let it be published.

The subject is a monument presented to the famous Roger Williams Park in the dark ages of 1963 by the Fraternal Order of Eagles. Inscribed on the monument (Heavens forefend!) are the Ten Commandments.

An excerpt:

The effort to purge any mention of God from the public square has become nothing short of ludicrous: Witness the removal of an 8-foot-high monument bearing the Ten Commandments from Providence's Roger Williams Park.

City leaders, fearing a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union, quietly asked the Fraternal Order of Eagles to take back the monument that the group had installed in 1963 -- or else it would be removed and discarded. (One city official suggested hiding the Ten Commandments under a tarp!)
Read the rest here.

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