Monday, December 06, 2004

A Senescent Plug from the Talented Mr. Talan

From Dave Talan in his regular email newsletter: RHODE ISLAND REPUBLICAN UPDATE, a plug for The Senescent Man and NR contributor Justin Katz' Blogs Anchor Rising and Dust in the Light:


A relatively new occurrence on the internet is the large number of Web Logs (better known as BLOGS). These are basically bulletin boards created by an individual user, where people with similar opinions can post articles or opinions, and anyone can read them. We have been made aware of 2 well-organized blogs in Rhode Island for conservative Republicans.

CHUCK NEVOLA, longtime activist from Cranston, and 2002 GOP candidate for State Senate, urges you to check out his well-written blog at:

You can E-mail Chuck at

JUSTIN KATZ from Portsmouth (E-mail: ) asked us to pass on this info:

About two weeks ago, I finally kicked off something that had been floating around for awhile; a blog (Weblog) for conservatives in Rhode Island, called Anchor Rising. By way of quick summary, the three authors (at this time) are myself, Carroll Andrew Morse (from Cranston), and Marc Comtois (from Warwick). Andrew writes regularly for an online opinion magazine called Tech Central Station; Marc writes his own blog, The Ocean State Blogger; And I write a relatively successful blog, called Dust in the Light, and have been managing to place opinion pieces with National Review Online.

Some relevant links follow. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions that you might have, as well as with any ideas of ways in which we can assist you in turning the politics and, therefore, the policies of this state around.

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