Monday, December 06, 2004

The Taricani Saga Continues

From the Providence Journal:

In a sworn affidavit filed with the federal judge who will be sentencing him on Thursday, television reporter Jim Taricani today refuted the version of events given by lawyer Joseph A. Bevilacqua Jr., who gave him a secret FBI videotape in the Operation Plunder Dome case, in violation of a court order banning its dissemination.

Taricani, in an 8-page affidavit filed just before 1 p.m. with Chief U.S. District Court Judge Ernest C. Torres, calls ``false'' and ``absurd'' Bevilacqua's assertion that he never sought confidentiality and that he'd encouraged Taricani to reveal his identity to a special prosecutor more than 2 years ago.

Can anyone make sense of what is going here?

Taricani risks his well being for a man who, evidentally turns out to be Joseph A. Bevilacqua, Jr., and who finally comes forward under his own inertia, purportedly, with willingness, and without malice; however, we later divine from the unfolding drama that he told Taricani one thing (i.e., that he desired strict confidentiality), while he told the Special Prosecutor another (that he never required confidentiality of Taricani) in giving him the secret FBI videotape in the Operation Plunder Dome case, in violation of the court order banning its dissemination.

We tend to believe Taricani. We still believe he was rightly found guilty of contempt. We do hope now he can wrangle his way free from the debacle.

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