Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Thoughts of Theo Van Gogh

The Corner tipped us to the efforts of Blogger Pieter Dorsman, who is translating some of the writings of Theo Van Gogh on his blog entitled Peaktalk.   You may recall that Van Gogh was slain by Islamic militant(s) because of his opinions about the oppression of radical Islamic fundamentalists in Holland.  The Corner captured the essence with this excerpt from the translations:

“The dead poor sheep farmers on Sicily at the turn of the century argued that America must be heaven on earth as emigrated family members relayed messages of having meat for dinner everyday. That was a mouthwatering experience for people who could enjoy that privilege maybe once in a lifetime. You can argue that particular instinct to be ‘ordinary’ or ‘superficial’ like so many do here, but it is way beyond me to look down on it. America is hated because it embodies the hope of people that yearn for a better life, to have meat everyday, but also to believe in the God they choose, or not. To say what you want without being persecuted. To be a woman without a veil, with the right to vote, free expression and adultery, without being stoned."


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