Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Vox Blogoli VI Continues to Reverberate

I don't think there is a "war" going on, per se, against all things Christian in this country, at least not yet, though there are rumbles and flashes on the horizon. I do think, though, that there is a general misunderstanding of Christianity, and also a general disrespect for Christianity and all things "Christian" by many in the MSM.

I also think it is shameful that many plain folk find themselves embarrassed or, worse, persecuted for merely uttering "Merry Christmas," in secular company. But, Hugh Hewitt continues to - appropriately - stoke the machinery on the subject. He points to an excellent piece today by "Deacon" from Time Magazine's "Blog of the Year" Power Line. Herewith a brief excerpt:

...there is nothing contradictory about arguing that President Bush won a clear but narrow victory in part because his voters supported traditional Christian values, while at the same time recognizing that those values, along with Christianity, are under serious attack.

I recommend that you read the whole thing.

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