Thursday, January 06, 2005

Al Qaeda to Aceh, Indonesia: "Help is On the Way"

Aceh is getting help from a little know charitable agency called Laskar Mujahidin only Laskar Mujahidin is a full blown Al Qaeda backed terrorist group (HT: LGF):
JAKARTA, Indonesia—An extremist Islamic group with alleged links to Al Qaeda has set up a relief camp in the tsunami-stricken Aceh province on Sumatra island, raising concerns its fiercely anti-American members could stir up sentiment against U.S. and Australian troops helping to distribute aid.

The group, Laskar Mujahidin, posted an English-language sign at the camp that reads, “Islamic Law Enforcement.” Its members said Thursday they have been collecting corpses, distributing food and spreading Islamic teachings among refugees.

The presence of the group, known for killing Christians during a long-running sectarian conflict in another part of Indonesia, generated fears that U.S. military personnel and others involved in relief work could become a terror target. ...

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