Saturday, January 01, 2005

A Call for a New Election for Governor in Washington State

Sound Politics has reported (HT: Instapundit and Power Line) that there were over 3,500 ballots than the number of legal voters in King County Washington. It was heavily Democrat King County that turned the tide against Republican Dino Rossi who had been ahead by a small margin in all previous counts and recounts. The last - more subject to error - manual count put Rossi's opponent Christine Gregoire ahead by 129 votes, sufficient for the Secretary of State to declare her the winner.

Now it is evident that there is a huge question mark on this election. Thanks to Sound Politics blog, and the blogosphere in general, this news is getting out (no thanks yet MSM).

The Washington Attorney General's office has criticized Rossi for calling for a new election, but with this kind of overt election fraud, what else could you do? Stefan Sharkansky of Sound Politics had been sarcastically referring to King County as "Ukraine County." It appears his sarcasm was more prescient than met the eye.

A new election appears to be called for.

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