Sunday, January 30, 2005

A Clear Victory for Iraq and Over Terrorism

Just got through watching ABC and NBC Nightly News with talking heads Peter Jennings and Brian Williams, respectively. They kept wanting to say how there is nothing but a long dark slog ahead, but they had to admit that people wanted to and did come out to vote in droves today in Iraq.

Jennings went so far as to say that he "couldn't rain on their parade" no doubt like he had wanted to, but still mustered up some bluster about how things will be ugly even after they've voted.

But the lines and the amazing stories of courage. Women coming to the polls dressed in party dresses out of respect for the occasion. A 79 year old man from a northern city walked in microsteps over a mile to the polls. Polling lines everywhere as far as the eye could see. People waggling their fingers stained with indelible ink, signifying that they had proudly cast a ballot.

NBC said they came out in Basra, but "reports indicated few" had come out in Fallujah; however, ABC contradicted that news and said that Fallujah had a surprisingly robust number show up.

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, this was a clear defeat for terrorism and for those who acquiesce in its powers, including those in the media who have been duped into badgering those opposing terrorism. And it is a clear victory for the Iraqi people and for President Bush's policy there.

The Iraqi people could not be more happy. They KNEW that the price for this privilege was blood - American and Iraqi blood - a high price. Are we ever that grateful to our military for the privilege we have every couple of years? Do we understand the meaning of this important event? Doesn't the MSM understand the meaning of this key event today? An event they refused to believe would be as successful as it turned out to be?

Oh, what power there is in freedom, and what courage found in liberty.

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