Monday, January 31, 2005

The End of the Beginning

I do not wish in any way to downplay the 40 plus deaths that took place during the Iraqi election this weekend, but one must really ask oneself: where were the "spectacular" events?

Does anyone recall the warnings we heard before the election? The MSM was wringing their respective knuckles about the prospects of massive attacks.

Dan Darling from
Brigadier General Erv Lessel was talking about a spectacular terrorist attack on the elections just 6 days ago, he was talking about 9/11 or equivalent level attacks.
Dan goes on to say that the satanic terrorist Zarqawi was the big loser, having gambled and lost on the election and aftermath. He was banking on a US delay which never happened, underscoring the breath of the victory for President Bush.

In essence, Zarqawi blinked. The results of this overwhelming turnout will mean a self confidence in the Iraqi people that will one day, and soon, undermine the terror cells of Zarqawi. This was indeed a major victory over terrorism. We have achieved a key objective in the war on terror. No one is saying the fight is over, far from it, but as Winston Churchill would have said: "It is not the end, or even the beginning of the end, but it is the end of the beginning."

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