Sunday, January 16, 2005

Entire New Jersey Family of 4 - Slain by Islamo-fascists

Michelle Malkin brings our attention to this grisly murder of an entire New Jersey family:

Have you read about that Egyptian Christian family of four murdered in Jersey City Heights two days ago?

The New York Post reports today that the father was an outspoken critic of Islamists on a Web site hosted at Paltalk:

Hossam Armanious, 47, who along with his wife and two daughters was found stabbed to death in his Jersey City home early Friday, would regularly debate religion in a Middle Eastern chat room, one source said.

Armanious, an Egyptian Christian, was well known for expressing his Coptic beliefs and engaging in fiery back-and-forth with Muslims on the Web site

He "had the reputation for being one of the most outspoken Egyptian Christians," said the source, who had close ties to the family.

The source, who had knowledge of the investigation, refused to specify the anti-Muslim statement. But he said cops told him they were looking into the exchanges as a possible motive.

The married father of two had recently been threatened by Muslim members of the Web site, said a fellow Copt and store clerk who uses the chat room.

"You'd better stop this bull---- or we are going to track you down like a chicken and kill you," was the threat, said the clerk, who was online at the time and saw the exchange...

Check out the whole story, and bloggers critical of Islamo-fascism, beware.

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