Saturday, January 29, 2005

He-ey, its the Tax Man

French comedian, er... leader, Jacques Chirac has called for a global tax to raise money for ameliorating global problems. At first, I just shrugged this off, but on second thought it now seems like a good idea to try out. Maybe do a pilot test to see how things go.

So here's the proposal: we tax everything French, everywhere in the world - French wine, French cheese, French colonies, French words, French fries, French weapons sales, French ideas .... You get the idea. The U.N. can administer the program. After a year we'll count up the revenue and start fixing everything wrong in the world. From there we can expand it to other countries in favor of high cost, needless, and counter-productive redistribution schemes.

So Jacques, get back to me on this and we can launch as soon as you want.

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