Friday, January 21, 2005

Hey, Hey, Ho, Hum....

In the brief clips I saw of the inaugural protests, the participants they interviewed seemed kind of lame. The kids and old folks just didn't have it together. Their sound bites were kind of off-pitch and dull. What's up with that?

Maybe it was too cold or maybe the veteran negativists were huddling at Starbucks planning something, but the MSM should have been able to find somebody with a little fight in them. What gets me most thought is the lame chanting we alway hear: "Hey Hey, Ho Ho, [insert name here] has got to go!" Please, can we get the national poet laureate to infuse some life into this thing? There is something to be said for having a simple message, but this has become protest scene Muzak. We need novelty and brilliance to attract our attention. Unless this gets interesting real fast, nobody will pay any attention anymore out of sheer and utter boredom. Let's get going you slackers!

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