Sunday, January 23, 2005

The LA Times, to their credit, as initiated a regular column called "Outside the Tent." I think what they really mean is "outside of the world of hyperliberalism." In any event, the column's purpose is to allow those who have been critical of the Times to have at them. Indeed, they invited the uninhibitable Hugh Hewitt, who obliged them with a column on asking the Times to cover the war on Terror as (hint, hint) a war:
Defenders of The Times might point out that in the last four years more than 10,000 stories in this paper have used the words "terror" or "terrorism." But my complaint is not about quantity. My complaint is that The Times has chosen to cover the global war on terrorism mainly through stories it treats as distinct, even though they are interconnected in profound ways with immediate consequences for every American. Readers need to be told in more detail and more repeatedly how the Islamist bombs that killed almost 200 civilians in Madrid are related to Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab Zarqawi's Al Qaeda-linked thugs, who continue to butcher pro-democracy Iraqis, for example. They need to be told over and over that members of this network, however loosely linked, continue to see the U.S. as their most tempting target.
Indeed. But catch the whole thing in the LA Times online (free online subscription required).

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