Saturday, January 15, 2005

A Legal Precedent Favoring Rossi in Washington State

From Tim Goddard of The Flag of the World Blog (HT: Sound Politics):
There is only one good example of precedent for a revote based on a court challenge in the State of Washington. In the 1975 case Foulkes v. Hayes, a revote was ordered in a race for County Commissioner in Adams County. The decision in that case, ordering a revote, is available here. I used Foulkes in my rebuttals to various Democrat arguments earlier. But since first reading the decision, I’ve been turning it over in my mind quite a bit and have reread it a few times, attempting to determine how it best fits with the current situation. Today, I’ve arrived at a conclusion: the two cases are startlingly similar, and if the law is applied consistent with Foulkes, Rossi will get the revote he deserves.
Read the rest here.

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