Sunday, January 30, 2005

The MSM was Wrong Again on Voter Turnout in Iraq

I had heard numbers as low as 25% expected turnout for today's vote in Iraq from the MSM prior to today, election day, where the news now is that turnout appears to have "exceeded the 57% that had been predicted." Some are saying closer to 75%.

Whatever. The MSM just got it wrong again. They wanted badly for the turnout to be so low that they could rant that it has all been NOT worth it, and the concept of injecting freedom hither and yon is a stupid and crazy idea, the maniacal concept emanating from the withering brain of one President George W. Bush.

I know this is wishful thinking, but you would think that such a stultifying mistake would close their mouths. I'm dreaming; someone wake me. Expect more ranting from the MSM kookballs. Starting with Newsweek, who now predicts that despite the election, doom continues its relentless march. So embarrassing is this idiocy from Newsweek that they removed the promo from the cover page of MSNBC as results began to unfold Sunday night.

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