Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Plot Thickens in Washington State

From Sound Politics:
Seattle's Precinct 1823 counted 343 ballots, which is 71 more ballots than the 272 voters who cast them. This is the single largest discrepancy between ballots and voters in all of King County. Nearly all of the discrepancy is due to "provisional ballots".

I earlier reported on the notorious Precinct 1823, where hundreds of voters are registered with a residence address of 500 4th Ave, the King County Administration Building, Some of these are homeless individuals, who are entitled by statute to register at government buildings. But other "residents" of the county office building are listed on the property tax rolls as owning homes elsewhere in King County, and therefore illegally registered. Dozens of other "residents" of 500 4th Ave voted absentee from overseas mailing addresses. Hundreds of other Precinct 1823 voters give as "permanent addresses" temporary homeless shelters. This is all questionable enough and an obvious potential source of vote fraud. But it gets worse.
There is also a movement afoot for a revote. A new web site: is a privately funded web site has been established to promote a re-vote in Washington. Read more about all of this here.

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