Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Sometimes it's Hard to Save People

From today's (Wednesday's) WSJ:

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia -- Indonesia on Wednesday ordered aid workers and journalists to officially declare travel plans in the country's tsunami-devastated Aceh province, as authorities moved to reassert control of an area long troubled by separatism.

The hundreds of foreigners racing into the country to assist victims of the Dec. 26 disaster have made Indonesian authorities uneasy, worried that their sovereignty was in jeopardy. And authorities predicted that foreign militaries assisting the aid effort would leave by the end of March.

And also (from yesterday's WSJ):

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia – Indonesian authorities warned aid workers Tuesday that many parts of tsunami-battered Aceh province weren't safe for foreigners, as the military claimed that rebels were trying to rob aid convoys.

I commend those attempting to help and rescue these reluctant recipients. There is a New Testament analogy in there somewhere.

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