Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Washington Election Watch

Continuing our series of monitoring what's going on in the close race in Washington State, it appears that more evidence is mounting that question the 129 vote advantage purportedly held by Democrat and so-called governor elect Christine Gregoire.

In way of reminder, Gregoire lost the election to Republican Dino Rossi on election night 2004 by a small margin, then remained the loser after a recount, then emerged the victor after a less accurate "manual" recount which included the fraudulent resultant of one county, King County, where it was determined that more than 3,500 votes were cast than there are registered voters in that county.

Now we learn that at least one dead person has been discovered voting, and at least 57 convicted felons voted illegally in Pierce County, Washington.

So far as we know, no official has yet proffered the move to do a re-vote, which really seems to be the only fair action to take in light of all the mess of fraud and cheating, particularly in King County which Sound Politics likes to refer to as "Ukraine County'" an apt name. At any moment I suppose we could expect to see Dino Rossi, his face green and rippled from the effects of a toxic poisoning. It must be the latitude.

In any event, His Senescence will continue to monitor the situation to keep you informed.

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