Sunday, January 30, 2005

Why They Will Vote Today in Iraq

From The Corner at National Review:
Ali: "I'm going to vote and I don't care if it means risking my life and I don't even care that much how the end results are going to be, not now!"

Husayn: "There is only one day left until the momentus day of Iraqi history that will always be remembered, celebrated, and looked upon with happiness by future generations."

Sam (Hammorabi): "Any prosperity, democracy, freedom, and civilised things in the new Iraq can NOT be seen without clearly pointing out to the help of the good American people and their leadership represented by George W Bush and Tony Blair of the UK to Iraq the Iraqis."

Firas: "Election is a fact and is going to take place on the 30th of January no matter what, and may be some of us are not going to see the day after that day and loose their lives electing the right people or at least who we think right people, but it will be the price for our freedom, may be we didn’t pay enough to remove Saddam, so it is the price we are going to pay that day, the 30th of January 2005 to overcome our fears and be free people who did pay for their freedom."

Ferid: "Tomorrow will be for sure a historical day in the life of Iraqis, and for sure a challenging day for all of us… "

There are four days and the democracy will win; it will be a real war against the terrorists.

Millions of Iraqi people ready to vote, the women, men, old women and old men very happy with democracy even the children they are happy too because they will get wonderful future; the election is a democracy birthday in the new Iraq.

The woman and men says we will vote for our children future and our homeland.

All of Iraqi says we will vote for Iraq.

Do you know what I will do?

I will buy new clothes and I will put the flowers around my neck to meet the democracy it is like my missing sweetheart whom I looking for her in my dreams.

Please I invite all people to litany to the God just for save the world, love, democracy and the New Iraq, with your help we got the freedom and with your help and love we will get the democracy.

Please say with me long live the democracy long live the love long live Iraq.

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